Saturday, January 23, 2010

the secret garden, by frances hodgson burnett.

After softlyforgotten wrote her book review, I told myself that I HAVE to buy this book and read it again. That was months ago! But yesterday I pulled it out and read it all in one day.

Oh, you guys. I forgot how much this book meant to me. ♥ Mary is this foul-tempered thing with a sour attitude and seeing her become this lovely little person, it was amazing. *___* Especially when she interacts with the robin--

Mary began to laugh, and as he hopped and took little flights along the wall she ran after him. Poor little thin, sallow, ugly Mary--she actually looked almost pretty for a moment.

"I like you! I like you!" she cried out, pattering down the walk; and she chirped and tried to whistle, which last she did not know how to do in the least. But the robin seemed to be quite satisfied and chirped and whistled back at her. At last he spread his wings and made a darting flight to the top of the tree, where he perched and sang loudly.

--it's so darling because here comes this tiny, beautiful, red-breasted bird and HE CHANGES EVERYTHING. (Oh, and when the robin and his mate start watching them and describes Colin as a bird trying to fly, that humans were always more clumsy and slow than Eggs, I actually cooed in real life.)

And Mary thinks Dickon is an ANGEL and BEAUTIFUL, and--

"He's gone," she said woefully. "Oh! was he--was he--was he only a wood fairy?"

Something white fastened to the standard rose-bush caught her eye. It was a piece of paper, in fact, it was a piece of the letter she printed for Martha to send to Dickon. It was fastened on the bush with a long thorn, and in a minute she knew Dickon had left it there. There were some roughly printed letters on it and a sort of picture. At first she could not tell what it was. Then she saw it was meant for a nest with a bird sitting on it. Underneath were the printed letters and they said:

"I will cum bak."

--HE WILL COME BACK, YOU GUYS. HOW ARE THEY PRECIOUS. Also, all the talk about Magic makes me so damn positive and happy, that I think this book will cheer up even the most foul of moods. ♥

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